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Votre bureau d'études dans le Var

Our Office of Studies and Engineering as well as our own General Firm is in even to answer the most pointed requirements of our customers. A true catch in hand in the slightest details: from the study of practicability to the conception, from the draft entirely personified up to getting finale permit licence, we are in charge of everything in a total exchange and partnership with our customers.

The realization of the plans of execution in the nitty-gritty details after study of the plans of structure by our Engineer Ferroconcrete and the realization of detailed geological and geotechnical studies allow us to assure a construction in a very calmness atmosphere.

Every stage of building is absolutely well-checked, coherent and also controls by an Office of Control agree. A quality guarantee for an exceptional realization.

Of course, all these studies and controls are personified according to the working type to be accomplished and their requirements: building, renovation or internal or outside development and/or just on request of our customers.

All our guarantees for your security

  • Ten-year guarantee
  • Civil liability
  • Guarantee multirisk professional
  • Finely wrought Damage (on request of our customer)
  • Construction "parasismique"
  • Monitoring of the construction site by an Engineer in Building
  • Check on works by an Office of Control agrees (APAVE, VERITAS.)
  • Respect for the quality-label PROMOTELEC
  • Certificate Consuel Electricity
  • Certificate Compliance Gas
  • Respect for delivery time and for your budget…