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Construction de maisons de A à Z dans les Alpes-Maritimes

LBTS is able to achieve its villas with its own staff all trades. Whatever the size of project, from the smallest to the largest, we make it a point of honor to provide the same quality of work, skills, experience and expertise of each employee of our team participating in each project.

LBTS's Structure involved as a general building in its achievements can guarantee execution in financial peace of mind in so far as any work not completed will be charged.

In addition, the work being carried out by the personnel of LBTS, the LBTS's ten-year guarantee offered to clients covers the entire work.

Our contracts are established in detail so that our clients can quantify itself to most any gains or losses on each position. Working villas personalized, LBTS offers its customers the opportunity to make any changes during construction at the moment, of course, they are in conformity with the urban planning.

Guarantees a high quality work with a perfect mastery of site supervision by a structural engineer, we guarantee you an achievement in confidence with discretion and friendliness with neighbors.